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Elevator and Escalator Safety minded personnel and inspections

With over 30 years of experience we know about elevator and escalator safety.

We are a team of QEI licensed inspectors
Qualified Elevator Inspector

Interact only employs QEI certified inspectors

Providing recommendations to improve your elevator or escalator safety.

We retain a history of your equipment, and advise on long-term improvements.

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Inspection Services

  • AcceptanceInspections
  • PeriodicInspections
  • SpecialInspections
  • ExpertWitness

Inspection of new Installations and Alterations

Performing the elevator/escalator inspections of new installations and modernizations, prior to being released to public service.

What you need to do before the inspection

  1. Submit Permit Application (visit our Resource Library to download the forms)
  2. Obtain a new device Registration Number (new installations) or Permit Number (alterations) from Interact Inspection Corp. (comes with approval of the Permit Application)
  3. Conduct pre-testing of the equipment using Interact Inspection Checklist (see Resource Library)
  4. Book the inspection
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Annual Safety Inspection of the existing elevators and escalators

Performing the elevator/escalator periodic (annual) safety inspections of the existing equipment. The annual safety inspections are required on Federal land, and may be mandated by other jurisdictions depending on the location and ownership of the property.

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Performing the elevator/escalator inspections to address a specific safety or equipment concern.


Performing the elevator/escalator inspections to investigate the cause of equipment malfunction or injury related to elevator/escalator equipment.

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Providing expert witness services and commentary regarding elevator codes and regulations.

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Expert Testimony Services

Providing expert witness, testimony, and commentary regarding Laws and regulations that govern vertical transportation equipment.

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About Us

Our History

Interact Inspection Corp. was founded in 1992 by Nick Keogh, former BC Safety Authority Inspector and Acting Director. With Nick’s extensive experience in elevator industry, along with CSA and NAESA memberships, Interact has conducted acceptance and periodic safety inspections of elevators, escalators, and other vertical transportation equipment, performed incident investigations, and consulted on safety related issues in areas where Certified Elevator Inspector Services were required but not available or where there were differences in legislation between Federal and Provincial areas of jurisdictions.

The ownership of Interact Inspection Corp. changed with Nick’s retirement in 2015. However, the overall objective of the company remains the same – acceptance and periodic safety inspections of elevating devices. The company also assists with new equipment design approval, consults on codes and regulations, and reviews vertical transportation equipment as an independent third-party inspection agency in various jurisdictions.

Moving forward, Interact Inspection Corp. continues to broaden its services based on the vast experience of the former and current members. With our personnel coming from different fields of expertise such as elevator technicians, inspectors, engineers and consultants, we pursue thoroughness, professional ethics, and safety-oriented approach.


  • Michael D. Chadney
    P. Eng. CEI


  • Alexey Kononenko

    Elevator Inspector,
    Operations Manager


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