Elevators are a big part of the modern world, with more than 20 million operating in the United States alone.

But, the design of these iconic devices has changed over the years.

The first elevator was built in 1884 by the American Railway Company.

The design was inspired by a French elevator, with its curved and angled roof.

Today, many elevators have been retrofitted with elevators that are less tall and more streamlined.

These designs can also incorporate a variety of other features, such as elevators’ doors, stairwells, elevators in the shape of pipes, and elevator handles.

The elevator companies that have become famous in the elevator industry are all based on designs that can be traced back to early-20th century designs.

Elevator companies like the Elevator Company, which built the first elevator in 1890, are also responsible for the elevator buttons, which can be used to access different levels of the elevator.

The seven elevator companies listed below have all taken cues from their predecessors and incorporated them into their designs.

Some of the elevators listed here have been re-designed since the 1980s, and many of them are still available for rent or purchase.