“Glass Elevators” follows the story of two young women who set out to help the world through a series of elevator accidents and accidents involving their glass elevator.

In “The Shining,” a film that stars Tom Cruise, the protagonist of the “The Glass Elevator” story is named Elaine (Jessica Chastain), and the story is told from her perspective.

In her film, Elaine’s character, a former elevator operator, is played by Jessica Chastra.

“Glass” is the story about the women’s lives, the storytellers’ journey, and the stories of the people who are part of them.

“The film is not only about the people in the story but also about the film itself,” said Damon.

“It’s about the story we want to tell.

It’s about us and the people we want you to be part of.”

“Glass,” directed by Matt Damon is scheduled to release on July 16th.

Damon, Matt Damon Jr., and Matt Schulman are producing.