The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies has launched an effort to develop a vaccine to combat the spread of coronavirus.

The new effort, called Elevated Dimer, is being spearheaded by the International Federation for Red Cross (IFRC), the United Nations-funded humanitarian organization that has been involved in delivering life-saving vaccinations to millions of people in Syria and Iraq.

The IFRC is partnering with the University of Cambridge in England, which has developed a vaccine that could help prevent the spread and spread of COVID-19 in the Arabian Peninsula, the IFRC said in a statement.

The vaccine is currently undergoing clinical trials, with the first group of patients expected to be tested at the end of this year.

The Vaccine Development Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to promoting and funding vaccine development, said in an email that the vaccine would be “preclinical” and would not be available for commercial use until 2020.

The first clinical trial, the IFPI said, will examine the efficacy of the vaccine in the first month of its clinical trials in the United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom and Turkey.

It would continue for up to two years.

While the vaccine is not currently in clinical trials for use in the general population, the foundation said that, given the limited amount of data available for this vaccine, the vaccine may be more effective than current vaccine for preventing coronaviral transmission in the region.

The IFPIs efforts to raise awareness of the threat of COVS to the public, particularly those in low-income countries, and to support the development of a vaccine have been ongoing.