In an effort to get a foothold in the gaming industry, one video game reviewer got to work for a video games website.

As part of a job offer, he wrote for a website called, and his job included working for the site.

This included writing about games for IGN and receiving paid editing and photo editing for the video game sections.

However, it also included his day job.

He said that he earned his first $7,000 on his first day, and that he started working for IGN with the intention of earning $5,000 a day.

He started at IGN and moved on to work on other video games sites, earning $1,500 a day, before moving to IGN.

He told me that he had a decent pay for his job and that IGN paid him well.

However in the months after he moved to IGN, he noticed that his pay went up drastically.

He also noticed that the editing work that he was doing increased in scope, and he noticed he was being paid less.

He quit and went to work at another video game site,, where he worked on a freelance video game writing gig.

He was earning $3,000 per day before quitting.

He eventually found a job at a different gaming site,

I asked him what he thought about the changes to his pay that happened during his time working for Polygon, and whether he was surprised that his salary increased after he quit.

He responded that he thought it was pretty typical for freelancers, as he had been working for a number of other gaming sites before starting with IGN.

However he said that it made him feel like he was just making $1.50 an hour, which was not that much.

He then asked if he could compare his pay with that of someone like myself who was a paid professional for years.

He replied that he could not, as I was already earning at least $4,000.

When I asked if I was really getting paid at that rate, he replied that I was.

It was about $1 an hour when I left IGN, but he was getting paid $4 an hour at Polygon by the time he left Polygon in March 2018.

I then asked him if he felt that he should be making more than what he was earning.

He agreed, but only if I would make the same amount of money at IGN.

That was not a realistic expectation, he said.

He felt that if he was to be doing the same job, he would be making less.

I suggested that he consider doing some freelance work, or possibly starting his own company.

I said that if I could offer him a contract with IGN, then that would help him.

He asked if that would be okay.

I told him that he would need to work with me to make that happen.

He did not have a contract to offer, so I told the site that he needed to contact me and see if he had any other options.

I also told him about a company called Games For Change.

He called me up and we had a conversation about the future of the site and what he could do.

He explained that he is currently working at IGN, and if I were to offer him that job, I would need a new contract.

I assured him that I would get to know him better, and we could work something out.

He had a contract offer in writing and I sent it to him, along with some details about the position he was interested in.

I was told by the company that he has two months to come up with an offer.

I called and talked to him on the phone, and after two more calls, I was able to get him on Skype.

I gave him a few questions about how he felt about his pay, and told him to contact my contact at Games For Shift if he ever had any questions.

I sent him the offer, and the next day, he called me back.

He informed me that the job offered by Games For Reflections was the best job he had ever had.

He wanted to start working on it as soon as possible.

I encouraged him to apply to Games ForShift, and I told Games ForReflections that if the company was interested, I could set up an interview with him to talk about the role he wanted to play.

He got the job.

The first thing he noticed about the job was that he worked from home.

He found that stressful, but at the same time, he was able get a good day’s work done.

He has been working full-time since he quit IGN.

Since that time, I have had him work at for about three months, and so far, he has been earning $2,000-$3,500 per week.

I have not met him personally, but I