Elevators are not just for the elite.

They’re also the fastest way to get from A to B. In this article, I’m going to show you how to get a better elevator game on Android, and how to make it your own.

In a nutshell, we’re going to use a little trick called “smart elevator” to create a game that automatically starts the elevator when you start it up, and automatically stops the elevator if you hit a wall.

When you’ve hit the wall, you’ll be given the option to play the elevator game.

If you hit it, the elevator will restart and give you a new elevator score.

If it stops, the game will reset and give the player the option of playing the elevator again.

This makes the elevator games you’ll hear about in the news very different from the regular elevator game you’ll find in your local game store.

The key to using this trick is to have a lot of elevator game titles on your device.

The number of elevator titles depends on the number of players on your elevator.

So for example, if you have about 10 players, you can play a single game on your phone.

But if you’re getting an elevator in a party of about 50 people, you might want to have at least a dozen different elevator games to play, each with their own elevator score and ending.

Here’s how to start a game on an Android device, and then make it yours.

Start a New Elevator On the home screen, tap the Home button.

Tap the Settings icon.

Tap Apps.

Tap Elevators.

Tap Game.

Tap Add.

Tap Enter a name for the game.

Enter a elevator score for the elevator.

Select the elevator you want to play.

Tap Next.

A dialog box appears, and you’ll have to select your elevator game from the list.

The first time you start an elevator game, the screen will look something like this: The first screen is where you’ll pick your elevator number.

The second screen is a list of all of the elevator titles.

You’ll have up to 10 games to choose from.

If the first screen doesn’t look like the picture below, it’s because the number and elevator score aren’t visible to the users on your screen.

After you select your game, you will be asked to enter your elevator code.

Enter your elevator score by tapping the + symbol next to the number, then tapping Enter.

The screen will display a countdown, and after it’s done counting down, the countdown will show up on the top of the screen, along with the elevator score, elevator name, and a countdown clock.

If your elevator doesn’t show up, tap Continue and the countdown clock will show you when it’s finished counting down.

You can click the countdown on the screen to confirm that the game is over.

After the countdown is over, you’re done with your elevator games.

If there’s no elevator you selected, tap Start again.

You should see a list with 10 more elevator games available.

After adding your elevator, you have two options: tap the plus symbol next on the list to open a game menu, or tap the minus symbol to close it.

The menu will be empty.

The last option is to add a third game from your library.

If this is your first time playing an elevator, make sure you pick a game with a nice elevator score that includes the elevator name.

You won’t need to play a second elevator game after this.

After your game is done, tap Close.

The game you added was displayed on the Home screen.

Now, if the user taps the Home Button on the home page, the home will show a message saying “Start your elevator.”

If you didn’t tap the home button, the user will get the Home Screen message saying, “No game was found for this address.”

The user can tap Continue to play any of your elevator titles, and it will start playing automatically.

The user has two options to save their game.

The most popular is to save the game as a screenshot.

This will save the user’s progress as a JPEG file that they can download to their device, or as an HTML file.

However, if a player taps on the “Save game as” button, they’ll get a message asking them to download the game and save it to their SD card.

This option can be useful if you’ve uploaded the game to the Google Play store or your phone’s local storage.

You’re welcome to save a screenshot, but it’s better to save it as a PNG file that you can download later to your phone or SD card if you don’t have access to your device’s camera or camera settings.

The other option is if you want your player to download and save the image directly to their phone or to the cloud.

This way, your players can save their screenshots to the Cloud for later.

Once the game has started, it will show the number on the left side of