An elevator company that has made a name for itself online has its sights set on another online-only event: the 2015 Los Angeles Olympic Games.

In a recent interview with Business Insider, Elevate CEO and co-founder Kevin Hester said the company is working on a partnership with the Los Angeles 2024 Olympic Committee, or LAOC, and hopes to begin operating a new elevator in 2020.

“We would like to have this partnership and then have an elevator company operating in 2024,” Hester told Business Insider.

“The first thing that we would do is put in place an agreement with the LAOC to be the elevator company, but we also have other businesses that are interested in partnering with LAOC.”

“We’re trying to leverage the existing partnership with LAOSC to get some more visibility with our platform and our business, and also to give LAOC a platform for marketing and advertising, and the ability to be able to leverage their platform in other ways,” he said.

Hester said Elevate would operate its own elevators and would offer a platform and tools to LAOCs to promote the use of the platform and to attract business.

In terms of LAOC itself, Hester believes it will be the city’s biggest market for elevator companies.

“In terms [of] how much the LA IOC [Los Angeles International Olympic Committee] gets from this, we have to be very, very careful,” he told Business Insiders.

“They will need to be quite strategic about how they approach it and what they expect from LAOC and what we expect from them.”

The LAOC will be holding a “virtual meet and greet” for business on Wednesday, July 17, when they will be accepting bids to be a participant in the 2024 Olympic Games, which is expected to attract over $2 billion in sponsorship.

Hesters said Elevates plan to provide an elevator service, and he said it would be built from scratch in LA.

The LA Olympic Committee said it had not yet received a bid for the 2024 Games, but it is expected that the bidding process will continue until August 1.

“While we cannot confirm the exact date yet, the IOC has been actively exploring potential new opportunities for the LAOOC to host the 2024 Winter Games and other Olympic events in 2020 and beyond,” the IOC said in a statement.

“As the IOC continues to explore new opportunities, we look forward to welcoming our new partner to the LA Olympic Games in 2020.”