We love to visit church, but sometimes it feels like we’re going through an Easter egg hunt.

Here are a few ways to get yourself to the front of the line and get in on the action: • Take a public transportation ride (or a taxi) to the church or other landmark • Take an Uber to your local area or online to the nearest Uber, Lyft or another service that will take you there (see our list of top rides for churches here) • Make a point to check out the historic site (like a monument or a church) that you want to visit • Take the ferry or walk to your nearest church to see the light from your favorite vantage point • Check out the other attractions around town, like a theater or museum • Take your dog or cat along for the ride • Get a selfie in front of your favorite landmark or church • Get an Uber or Lyft ride to your favorite local landmark (and possibly a coffee shop) if you’re feeling lazy, or use a shared ride option if you need more time to plan ahead.