Elevated Push Ups are a great workout to work up your fingers ten fingers in three minutes.

You can do them standing, on a bar, or in the gym.

One of my favorites is the Finger Eleven, which consists of a full set of seven reps of push ups.

It is super easy to do, and even works great for people who can’t lift weights.

One tip I like to use when doing Elevated Pull Ups is to alternate reps between the push ups and pull ups.

If you’re having trouble with a given rep, use the same weight for both exercises.

I like this variation because you can vary the weight, the range of motion, and the rest intervals between each rep.

Another great variation to add to your workout is the Elevated Finger Eleven.

This is a two-rep variation with a 20-second rest between the sets.

It’s great for those who can only lift a single weight for three sets.

Finally, you can try the Elevating Finger Eleven with the Elevate Push Ups.

This two-minute push up will take a little more practice to get right.

But if you can get it down to a couple minutes, then it’s a great exercise for anyone who wants to work on improving their fingers.

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You won’t be disappointed.