The eleventh hour of the eleventh season of The Apprentice has brought a new twist to the competition.

And it’s an opportunity for contestants to make their own eleventh-hour costume.

The ABC TV show returns to the Seven Hills on Monday night for the eleventeenth time and contestants are expected to dress as themselves, according to a guide for those who want to do so.

It’s a little bit of an oddity that the show is only airing on Monday nights and the theme of the season is not a season-long contest.

But, the ABC’s entertainment and design agency says contestants are encouraged to wear their own clothing, even if it’s not officially approved for use.

“The theme of The ABC’s season eleven is not one of season ten and eleven but is rather of season eleven of The Biggest Loser and is not necessarily associated with the season eleven competition,” the ABC said in a statement.

“A costume designer can make whatever they like and use the themes and the costumes they have in their home as long as they adhere to ABC’s dress code.”

Here are some tips to getting your own eleventeen costume.

Wear your own clothing If you want to dress up as yourself, you can wear clothing you already own, ABC said.

However, it is strongly advised to follow ABC’s guidelines, which say that a “proper costume is one that is not the clothes worn by the contestant, but rather a set of accessories and a style that is suitable for the character or situation”.

“The ABC encourages contestants to use their own personal items, rather than buying from a supplier or from someone else, and it is not permitted to have an item deemed to be ‘too big’ or ‘too small’,” the agency said.

“Items that are deemed to cause the costume to look ‘too large’ or to look too small are not permitted.”

If you’re unsure of what you’re allowed to wear, the best advice is to “make sure that the appropriate items are available to you and that you can identify the clothing items you want”, the ABC added.

Dress in your own shoes The ABC said that contestants can use a “clothing suit” for their outfits.

This is not officially sanctioned but can be a fashion accessory, such as a suit jacket or shirt.

“Clothing suits are available in a variety of styles and sizes and can be worn with and without shoes or shoes without a suit,” the agency added.

If you don’t have the costume suit, the agency suggests “dressing in your usual shoes, trousers, or tights”.

“There are also a number of clothing items that can be used to complete your costume including: hats and gloves