The Fox News Channel has updated its popular “Watch More” service, which enables viewers to watch a large swath of the U.S. every day, with the help of the SkyTrak app.

The SkyTraks service is designed to give viewers a look at the most important places in the U-S.

from the perspective of their home, and allows viewers to navigate to the best places to visit in the area, such as schools, parks, museums and monuments.

The new SkyTraK app allows viewers from around the country to check in on the wildfire situation on the ground and in the sky.

The app also features a weather forecast for the area.

For those looking for more information about wildfires, the Skytraks service has updated the “What’s On” section of the site to include the latest information on the wildfires.

The “How to Survive” section also includes information on what to do and how to protect yourself and your family during the firestorm.

The app has been available since August 21.