In the aftermath of the devastating floods in the UK, many of us have been thinking about how we can save money by buying more dog food.

However, what we don’t realise is that dogs on the high-speed road can suffer the same fate.

While many of the people in the US who lost their homes due to the floods were able to move into homes and rebuild their lives, some are left without any money at all.

The average cost of buying a dog in the United States is around $1,500.

That’s far more than many people in Australia have been able to afford to pay for a dog.

With so many people affected, there are many options available to those who cannot afford a pet.


Pet Insurance Pet insurance is a great way to cover your pet if they are injured or sick and your insurance provider is unable to cover the costs of your pet.

The best thing to do is to purchase your pet from an approved pet store and get the full coverage package.


Get a ‘pet plan’ The cheapest option is to get a ‘Pet Plan’ which is a monthly policy that covers your pet’s health, dental and veterinary costs.


Get an emergency medical cover If your pet has a serious injury or illness, such as a fractured hip, a broken arm, a torn ligament, a punctured lung, or a heart attack, they may need emergency medical treatment.


Make your pet eligible for a discount If you have a pet that can’t travel, this can be an important part of saving money.

If your cat has broken its collarbone, you can claim a pet discount to help cover the cost of a replacement collar.


Apply for a new insurance policy If you are in the middle of a divorce or divorce court case, you may be eligible for free or reduced insurance on your pets.


Get the full medical benefits plan Pet insurance offers benefits to both pets and their owners, such in case of a serious illness, or injury.


Check your insurance policies Pet insurance companies often offer a discounted price on their pet policies, which can be a great deal.


Get more free and reduced dog insurance coverage Pet insurance is not cheap, but it can save you thousands of dollars.