The San Jose Earthquakes coach said he doesn’t think he’s a “go-of-the-shoulder guy,” but he does think he can “take a shot.”

He was asked by reporters Thursday if he had any tips on how to make a “hump-shot.”

“I don’t know,” Harbaugh said.

“It’s probably a good idea for a goalie to keep their head up.”

Harbaugh added, “I know how to do it.

If you’ve got a shot, you know you can do it, but if you can’t, I don’t think that’s the right way to do things.

You want to make sure that you have a lot of energy in your shot and you can make the contact.

So if you’re able to make that contact, you’ve made the shot.

If not, it’s a different situation.”

Harbaughs reaction to a question about his thoughts on the goal celebration was less than complimentary, as he called it “totally disrespectful” to the Earthquakes goal celebration.

“That was just a bad move,” Harbaugh told reporters.

“That was a bad, bad move.

I think that [goal celebration] is disrespectful.

I can understand that, but that was just, I really don’t understand what they’re trying to do.

It’s really disrespectful.”

Harper also was asked if he would “take an easy penalty” against the New York Red Bulls.

“I’d take an easy [penalty],” Harbaugh said, before adding, “It could be a penalty, it could be an indirect penalty, or it could just be a flagrant foul.”