Denver’s Elevation volleyball team will be competing at the Denver E-venture Center in downtown Denver for the first time.

The Denver Elevation will open for the Denver International Olympic Training Center’s summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro on July 1.

Denver Elevator is the first team to compete in the International Olympic Games, which start July 11.

Denver will host the games in August.

Denver’s volleyball team was announced in January as one of 12 finalists in the 2016 Olympic bid, which was narrowed down to four finalists in May.

Denver, one of the most diverse cities in the United States, is one of just a handful of Olympic cities that did not win the bid.

It is the third-most diverse metropolitan area in the world.

Denver Elevator will host summer Olympic games in Rio, Brazil.

The company said the competition is expected to be similar to its first Summer Olympic Games bid in Sydney, Australia, where the Denver Elevators volleyball team won a gold medal in the 4×100-meter relay in 2014.

The volleyball team is the Denver area’s first female-led volleyball team.

The women won gold in the 50-meter dash in Sydney and were the only team to finish in the top eight of the event in Sydney.

In 2018, the women’s team won the gold medal at the Olympics in Rio.

“Denver Elevators is excited to join the Denver Olympic team,” said Denver Elevate.

“Our volleyball program is an important part of our local community and our commitment to inclusion has been one of our top priorities for the past decade.

We are looking forward to competing for Denver’s Olympic Team.”

Denver Elevation has been involved in the Denver sports scene for years.

The Elevator was the first sports facility in the state to open in 2005 and became the first indoor venue in the country.

The venue is one mile (1.3 kilometers) from the Denver metro area, and it is located on a major highway in the city.

The facility also features a water park and a restaurant called The Elevated.

The Denver Elevated will host a series of events in the summer, including the first-ever Denver Marathon.

It will also be the first outdoor track and field event to feature a women’s division.