It’s the seven-episode revival of a franchise that, as of this month, is in its sixth season.

Elevated Faith is a drama series from Elevated Entertainment, the production company behind The Sopranos, the ABC series Lost and Mad Men.

It stars John Cusack as Michael and the recurring role of Ethan.

In the second season, Michael will become a high-powered lawyer for a young entrepreneur who is a victim of a fraud and is subsequently charged with murder.

Michael and his lawyer, John, will travel to LA to meet with his client, who is being tried in court.

The series follows a lawyer and a young lawyer who must deal with a complex criminal case.

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A few of the returning stars of the series include Cusacks Ethan and the returning Jennifer Garner, as well as newcomer Elisha Cuthbert, who plays a young woman who will be trying to get a new boyfriend.