A dream of using elevators to lift your spirits has long been a reality, but it has never quite reached the heights of a high-stakes game.

It took a while, but now, according to the National Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials, the dream has been brought to life in the form of an elevators-for-sport competition.

The National Association for State Highway Transportation announced Thursday that it will launch a competition called Elevator Madness, which it says is “designed to increase the popularity of elevating transportation.”

The winner will receive $1 million in cash prizes, according the announcement.

The National Association said it will use the money to develop a virtual reality platform for people who have been diagnosed with mental health challenges to get up and go to their destination, which will include an elevator ride.

The Elevator Masters tournament will take place this summer in Miami, Florida.

The deadline to enter is Friday, and the National Conference of State Legislatures, which is hosting the event, said it expects up to 400 entrants.

The tournament will use a virtual elevator for the first three rounds, with a final round taking place on March 7, the announcement said.

It will then take place in Miami on March 14, and March 17, with the winner receiving $500,000.

The winners of the two finals will receive up to $1.5 million in prize money.

In the first round, participants will be required to complete a short video, which has to be completed in 20 minutes.

The video must show the participants doing something physically difficult or challenging for an hour, and be filmed in a way that can be easily viewed.

Participants can also upload their own videos, though the winners will receive more money.

The final round will include 10 videos.

“We want this to be something for kids, not just for adults,” National Association president Jeff Gerson said in the announcement of the tournament.

“It’s going to be fun for adults to participate in.

The competition will allow people to see what elevators are like, and they can get up, get their feet up and do something that can really push their spirits.””

This is a fantastic opportunity to show kids that you can go to a high school basketball game, you can see how elevators work, and you can really be involved,” Gerson added.

“The National Conference has a great deal of confidence in the program.

We’re really excited to get the kids in front of the elevators and to get their attention.”

The Elevators for the Future, a program started by a team of University of Florida students, is one of several virtual reality platforms to try to push elevators into the mainstream.

In 2015, the company Oculus VR released a video game called Elevators of the Future.