High-paid NHS doctors are increasingly turning to technology to supplement their incomes, but a new study has found that doctors can earn £100K per year on average.

As the UK’s NHS is under a funding squeeze, many doctors are opting for the internet and social media to supplement a traditional pay packet.

The latest figures from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) shows that doctors earn £97.3 million in their professional careers, and £96.9 million of that comes from online sales.

However, this is still lower than the £101.5 million earned by doctors in 2016.

This is partly because many of these doctors are using the internet to boost their social media presence, which is still low compared to other professions.

However, these figures only count sales from online pharmacies and do not include pay from medical conferences and events, or other professional fees.

“The internet has a very important role to play in helping people get through the day and not to get caught up in all the drama of the NHS,” says Professor Stephen Hill, director of the Centre for Healthcare Quality at University College London.

“It is an important tool for people who want to improve their skills but also to find a job that is right for them.”

Hill says the number of doctors using social media has grown at a rapid rate in recent years.

“The numbers are still very low but they are growing fast.

I think it is very important for them to use social media and make it part of their daily life,” he says.

The ONS data also shows that there is a significant gap between doctors earning on average £101,000 and those earning on £93,000, with an average of just £36,000 for a GP.

In terms of salaries, NHS doctors earn more than those in the private sector, according to the ONS.

However the average GP salary in the UK is only £53,000.

“I think the NHS is getting much more out of the private health sector than the private NHS,” Hill says.

“Private sector is more focused on making money than delivering health services, so I think the pay that is being made by private doctors is a little bit more modest than that of NHS doctors.”

Hill suggests that doctors may be able to earn more from technology, particularly as the NHS has become more sophisticated and sophisticated in the way it delivers health services.

“There is a lot of information being generated in the NHS about how to manage people, so that is the way in which doctors can become much more skilled in how they deliver health services,” he said.

“I think that is a good thing.”

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In the UK, there are around 4,000 NHS doctors and 8,000 doctors working in other specialities.

There are also around 2,000 GP practices, more than 2,500 general practitioners, and over 6,000 hospital doctors.