Uber has introduced an additional charge for its UberEATS meal plan that it will be charging customers to get their meal in-person.

The new charge, which is currently in place for the UberEAT meal plan, will be added to the regular fare price, starting at $3 per trip, and the new fee will apply to customers who use the Uber app and not through an app.

This new charge will apply in-store and online, and it will add an additional cost of $5 per trip to the Uber EAT meal plans.

The UberEats meal plan allows customers to select their favorite toppings and a variety of dishes, as well as get a discount on any other items that are available for purchase.

It was announced at an UberEaters event on Wednesday that UberEATER meals will be available for a limited time, but only for customers who purchase a meal with the Uber service.

The meal plan is priced at $19.95 per person for six people, which includes a $5 UberEATT credit towards a meal.

UberEATES meal plans were previously only available for in-house and online ordering.

UberEAT meals are priced at just under $5, per person.

The meal plan was designed to be affordable for UberEATING families.

It includes a meal, a coffee, soda and snacks.

Uber EAT Meal Plan is now available for Uber EATS customers.