We got the first word from Elevation, the first season of HBO’s Elevated, on Wednesday afternoon.

The first episode aired on January 12, 2016.

HBO released the trailer for the first episode in early February.

We got word that the series is being expanded for the second season and that it’s set in a new, rural setting, which means it’s likely to be a darker, darker, less-lit, more rural setting than we saw in the first two seasons.

Elevate is the first HBO series that takes place in an entirely new, mostly rural setting.

And that means that the cast will have to adapt to new ways of living, especially as the series takes place on a rural farm.

It’s the first time in history that there’s a show that takes this setting and adds so many other elements.

And, as we’ve noted before, there are some significant elements that HBO has been experimenting with that haven’t been used before in the show.

The cast of Elevation is a mix of people who are also in a very different kind of situation than what you’re used to in American sitcoms.

The main character of the series, Henry, is raised by his grandmother, a single mother, to be raised in a kind of rural environment where she’s very close to the town of Eppley.

She has a great farm that she raises with her husband, who’s also a farmer.

She and her husband are also raising chickens, pigs, and cows, and she’s a great teacher.

But it’s also the most isolated place that Henry has ever been, with very few people.

When the show starts, Henry is working in a restaurant in a small town in Pennsylvania, and the restaurant is owned by the same people who own the restaurant that he worked at, which is a little bit unusual, but he doesn’t really think much of it.

But when he starts to find out that the restaurant’s not really in his community, that’s when he realizes that the people he’s working with have been taking advantage of him and that they’re exploiting him and he has to figure out what he’s going to do to get out of this situation.

Henry’s mother, who is also the wife of the local sheriff, and his uncle, who lives in a nearby town, are also living in the same rural community, and they’re also the ones who have been manipulating him.

They’ve been trying to get Henry to leave his rural life and move into their town.

When Henry does finally move out of the rural setting of his grandparents, he starts learning about the challenges of being a farmer in a rural community.

His uncle is a lawyer and he’s doing a lot of work in the area, and Henry also learns that his uncle was arrested for murder, and he goes to his uncle to ask for a pardon and get a job.

He has a job in the town and it’s a pretty big town and the townspeople are quite fond of him, but his uncle is actually trying to kill him, and in the process, Henry finds out about the farm where he’s been working, which turns out to be the town where he grew up.

Henry has an incredible amount of empathy for the people who have gotten to him and for the town.

He feels like he’s kind of on a really dark, isolated road in this town, where there’s not much that you can do to change the situation.

And he also has a lot to learn about the world of rural life.

The second season of Elevated is set in another rural setting in the New York City suburbs.

We don’t know what happens to Henry and his family in this setting.

We only know that he’s a farmer, but the farm is actually in the heart of a very rural area.

The farm itself is owned and managed by the town, and it also has the same kind of townspeaker’s house, which makes it very familiar to Henry.

But we don’t see Henry much on the farm, and there are other people living in and around the town that he has a pretty close relationship with.

It looks like there’s some tension between Henry and the people in the community.

There’s also an element of danger in the environment.

There are many people who work in and out of and around Epply, which also has its own problems.

The townspeakers are very concerned about the health of the town in general and are not really interested in Henry being part of their lives.

The season also focuses on the lives of the people of Eglinton, who are very different from the town’s residents.

They’re mostly from a middle-class family.

They have their own businesses and they have their families, and that’s what’s really moving Henry.

It was a big, huge challenge for the actors to make Henry a more complex character.

And then there are all