A man who claims to be a member of the alt-left alt-lite has posted a video claiming to be an alt-righter, and claiming that the alt right is “the next generation of the old white supremacy movement.”

The video, titled Elevated Faith, appears to be the work of Alex Jones, who is credited as an alt right contributor.

The alt-light is an alt left-wing ideology that advocates for the idea of “white genocide,” the idea that white people should take a back seat to the interests of black people and other minorities.

The term alt right, coined by alt-white nationalist Richard Spencer, has gained notoriety for the white supremacist and conspiracy theorist beliefs it espouses.

In the video, a man with a beard and a hooded sweatshirt sits at a table and talks about the “future of the Alt-Right.”

He says that the current alt-reactionary movement is “more radical than the Nazis,” and that “the Alt-right is not just a group of racists, it is the new white supremacy.”

“The Alt-Left is a brand new movement,” the man says, referring to the “Alt-Right” movement.

“Its a brandnew movement.

Its a new brand.”

“Its the next generation,” the bearded man says.

“And the next wave is going to be bigger than the last wave.”

Jones said the video was taken down after he said it was offensive and hateful, and that he doesn’t think it represents the alt left or alt right.

“You know the altLeft, they are not the altRight, but the AltRight is a new label,” Jones told The Washington Post in a phone interview on Wednesday.

“We’re trying to find the new label.”

He also said that the Alt Right is not a racist organization and that it has been called out by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Jones, whose name means “truth seeker” in Spanish, also claimed that he has been “doxxed” by people on the altright.

The videos of Jones and the bearded alt-farmer have drawn criticism from members of the white nationalist community.

Some members of white supremacist groups have taken to Twitter to condemn Jones, calling him a “fraud.”

Many of them also expressed support for alt-fascists.

The video also drew backlash from alt-rights advocates, with some saying it was an attempt to discredit them.

Some alt-witnesses also took to Twitter on Wednesday to denounce the alt light, saying that they don’t think Jones was alt right or alt left, and instead believe the alt lights are “alt-likes” that were posted by alt right supporters.

“They have no agenda,” said one person who goes by the handle @HackerSays.

“But they are the new left,” another person said.

“It’s a little scary to see that,” said @D_Greens, a Twitter user who goes under the name @Miles_Pettis.

“These people are very aggressive and aggressive, and they are definitely not representing the altlight or the altleft.”

@Mile_Pettleis tweeted that the “altlight is a far-right movement that is just a collection of white supremacists who are looking for a new ideology to be part of.”

The alt light has attracted support from many of the people who helped found the alt white nationalist movement, including Alex Jones and Jared Taylor, who are both alt right activists.

Taylor told Fox News on Wednesday that alt-lighting is a “political tactic that is being used by the alt lite to try and discredit their movement.”

Jones, meanwhile, defended the alt movement, tweeting that it is “not a movement to destroy the left,” but rather “to defend ourselves against the alt Right.”

Jones has been a frequent contributor to The Blaze, a right-wing media outlet that is popular with the alt alt right and has been criticized by members of other groups.

In recent years, Jones has also helped organize an anti-Muslim protest in Washington, D.C. He has also written for The Blaze and has called for a “war on the left.”

Jones is a frequent commentator on right-leaning talk shows, including “The Alex Jones Show,” where he has said the media is “rigged” against conservatives and “left-wingers.”

“If you want to know who’s on the Left, you go to The New York Times,” Jones said in an interview on Fox News this week.

“If I want to find a bunch of people who are anti-Trump, who want to fight him, who support him, I’m going to go to the New York Post.”

He added that he would go to places like The Blaze “to find people who want a fight.”

Jones also recently praised an alt light in which an antiwar protester is