This week, a building in South Africa was evacuated after it fell into the ground, causing it to burst into flames.

The building, a trampoline park, was built in 2008 by the church’s youth programme and is a popular venue for community events and social gatherings.

It was first opened to the public in 2010, but the structure fell into disrepair and has not been used since. 

The church said on its Facebook page that it is now safe to reopen.

“Due to a fire that occurred on the seventh floor of the building, which is currently under construction, it is currently not possible to reopen the building,” it said.

The church’s website says the building is “the largest trampolin park in the country” and was designed by local architects Tijani Huizenga and Klaas Mornieck.

“The building has a central courtyard with seating areas and two levels, each of which has a dedicated area for worship,” it says.

The park was built with “flexible roofing, a canopy, and high-ceilinged balconies”, according to the church.

The fire was reported at 9.45pm on Sunday.

“As soon as the fire was brought under control, the church quickly made arrangements to evacuate all the residents and staff,” it added.

“At the same time, the local authorities took a thorough inspection of the structure and are now awaiting further details of the cause of the fire.”