Kanye West has been doing things like this for years, but the late-night host is taking things to the next level this year with the Outkasts elevator shafts.

The Westgate elevators feature an upgraded design with more features and a new system for tracking elevator times, which means that if you’re late for your own ride at the Westgate the next time, you can get it up on time, thanks to a new algorithm.

The elevators are available for purchase starting at $1,999 for a unit in the Los Angeles area, according to Westgate.

The system is also accessible via mobile app.

Westgate elevator times have been trending on social media in recent weeks as people are reporting that they have been late for Westgate’s newest elevators.

Westgate has been touting the elevators as a way to cut down on the number of late-shift employees.

In an email to The Verge, a Westgate spokesperson said, “We know that many of you are frustrated by your commute and are hoping that this system will help.”