When you’re tired of hearing people talk about the #Rattle Elevations, you may want to give this a try.

They’re a band from Phoenix, Arizona that specializes in uplifting the senses with their music and worship.

Rattle is the band behind the music video for “Sober,” a song about a man who’s got an addiction to painkillers.

The song was inspired by a man’s life-long struggle with the drug OxyContin, and it was filmed at the Rattle elevations, which are located in Phoenix.

Rumblings of the video have been floating around the internet for a while, but we had to make the call to find out more about them.

They formed in 2007, after their debut album was released.

After a brief hiatus, Rattle returned with the second album “Pulse,” and it took them two years to get back on the road.

The band has since released a number of albums, including 2016’s “Sovereign” and 2017’s “Fantasy.”

Rattle’s worship is similar to a meditation on the power of prayer and faith.

They don’t preach the message of God, but instead focus on the need to practice and pray.

Their worship starts with the lyrics “You don’t know how to pray/You’re not a religious person, but you still worship God/And you can’t go back to the church,” and they follow with a prayer song in which they explain their faith.

“Rattle elevates the listener and brings them to a place where they feel that they can be at peace with the universe,” guitarist Alex Yayra told The Huffington Post.

“If you can get your mind and heart ready to be at a certain place, it will lead to the highest state of spiritual awareness.”

Their worship is sometimes described as “a prayer walk,” but the song’s lyrics are much more about meditation, prayer, and faith in a spiritual context.

“It’s all about meditation and faith, and there’s no other word for it,” Yayka told HuffPost.

“The way we talk about our religion is just to bring people together and be present, and you have to be able to have that presence and be able experience it.”

Their songs are catchy and uplifting, and their music videos are always well-executed.

They’ve gotten some acclaim for their worship video, “Soothing Prayer,” which features a beautiful sunrise, birds singing, and an uplifting gospel choir.

They have been performing at a number and festivals in recent years, and they recently wrapped up a sold-out North American tour.

If you want to see more of their music, you can check out their website.

They also have an album of original songs called “The Holy” that will be released in early 2018.