Eleven is currently the hottest property in Miami, and there are lots of reasons to be excited.

First, it’s the tallest building in the US, and is already home to a record-breaking hotel, the Wynn Hotel, as well as the world-famous Wynn Resort & Casino.

And now, Eleven is coming to Miami.

Eleven is a massive building, with nearly 10 stories, which is just shy of a football field.

This means that you will have a lot of opportunities to explore.

Eleven also has some of the nicest views of the city in the state, with the sun shining through the building’s windows and the streetlights shining through its facades.

And while Miami has many beautiful and exciting sights to see, you will want to take your time to explore the Eleven.

Eleven has many unique elements, including a large and open courtyard, which features an underground swimming pool, a bowling alley, a rooftop theater, and more.

One of the coolest things about Eleven is that it features a fully-furnished rooftop bar, which will provide you with the perfect place to hang out while you watch the sun set on the pool deck.

One final thing to consider is the restaurant, which has the perfect amount of seating to comfortably seat an entire family.

For $150 a night, you can get your fix of a spectacular sunset view.

Eleven will open its doors in 2020, and the Miami Dolphins will be the team that pays the most attention to Eleven’s location.

What’s your favorite Eleven spot?