Republicans are pushing for a tax hike on the wealthy to finance an expansion of Medicare and Medicaid to help combat the crisis.

Meanwhile, Democrats are pushing to overhaul health care, raising taxes on the wealthiest Americans, including President Trump’s eldest son, and creating new rules to curb the nation’s opioid crisis.

Read moreAt least a dozen Democrats have said they’ll vote for the plan.

The proposal is the latest GOP proposal to address the opioid crisis and comes amid a nationwide debate over the nations most deadly opioid epidemic.

The Republican plan would tax high-earners at a rate higher than the national median to pay for a $1 trillion boost to Medicaid, a Medicaid expansion.

The bill also would require drugmakers to cover all opioid-related treatment costs, with the money to be distributed to the states based on their populations.

The House and Senate plan has faced pushback from some lawmakers who believe it would put the U.S. at a competitive disadvantage with countries that have more restrictive prescription drug programs.

Trump, who was not on the bill’s initial draft, said on Monday that the GOP tax plan would raise taxes on people earning over $500,000.

“It will make our country uncompetitive.

It’s not fair,” Trump said.

“They’re going to pay a lot more for the same thing.”

Democrats have criticized the plan as too steep.

“President Trump is pandering to the pharmaceutical industry, but not to the American people.

The opioid epidemic has left our country in crisis, and the American public is paying the price,” Sen. Richard Blumenthal, D-Conn., said in a statement.

The plan faces a long road ahead, and a few key details have yet to be hammered out.

The Senate tax bill is expected to come up for a vote this week, but the final vote could come as early as this week.

Democrats hope the plan will generate enough support to pass the Senate.

“We’re working to bring this bill to the floor of the Senate this week and we hope to do it this week,” said Sen. Joe Manchin, D, West Virginia.