Elevator operators have been criticised for charging customers for a “vacate” to their home, with some suggesting it’s a ploy to “pay for their privilege”.

Elevator operator Elevator Company has been accused of charging customers to use their home as a virtual “vaccination site” in order to get rid of pesky bugs.

Elvator Company was one of the first Australian companies to use the game Minecraft as a vehicle for selling its “virtual” elevators.

A spokesperson for Elevator said they had “never charged a customer for a ‘Vacation’, as we’ve never had any such idea”.

However, the spokesperson did not provide a reason for charging a $29.99 “Vacate”, which could be a sign that the company is not paying enough attention to its customers.

The spokesperson did say the company would review the process and make changes to ensure that it was “in compliance with the law”.

The “vast majority of customers we have interacted with, including many who have been paid to visit their home for a short period of time, have been very pleased with the experience and we hope to continue to be as transparent as possible in the future,” the spokesperson said.

“We would also like to apologise to any customers who were charged for a Vacate, for any inconvenience this may have caused.

In the future, we will be taking steps to make sure that we do not repeat the same mistake.”

A representative from the Australian Elevator Association told news.com,com.uk that the association was aware of the incident and would be contacting customers about it.

But Elevator’s spokesperson did make it clear that “there was no charge for a vacation to the home”, and added that the “Vaccination” process was “a voluntary service” offered to customers to “get rid of unwanted bugs”.

“There is no charge to the customer for this service and we have never charged a consumer for a Vacate,” the spokeswoman said.

“We appreciate customers have a right to be able to use a service that they think is of value to them, and we will review our process in the near future to make it as transparent and fair as possible.”

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